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Lanzastil, Teguise and Lanzarote


The charm of a visit to Lanzastil goes beyond our concept store itself: Teguise ranks amongst the most beautiful and well-conserved villages of the whole of Spain, whereas Lanzarote is a spectacular island that still has its own character thanks to the absence of mass tourism.

Click on the map on the yellow shopping bag in Teguise. You will find us at Galería La Villa, Plaza Clavijo y Fajardo 4, Villa de Teguise, right next to Ikarus Restaurante. Below you will find a photowalk to the store.

Finding Lanzastil in Teguise


Villa de Teguise is the former capital of Lanzarote. It was built in the very centre of the island 600 years ago to make it more difficult for pirates to ransack the city. To protect the village, Castillo Santa Barbara was built on the nearest hill as an early warning station.

Finding Lanzastil is easy: it's two squares away from the church atGalería La Villa, Plaza Clavijo y Fajardo 4. Below you will find a photowalk leading you to the store.

Villa de Teguise counts as one of Spain's most beautiful villages. During the week life in "La Villa", as Teguise is called by the locals, is calm and contemplative. The "Casa de Timple" museum is a must for guitar enthusiasts. Here you can learn interesting facts about the history of the musical instrument and how the Canarian timple guitar is played. If you like, you can buy a handcrafted timple that is transportable in size.

The historical building is also the registry office. On Sunday there is a large market in Teguise from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., which attracts many visitors from all over the world. The surrounding boutiques, tapas bars and restaurants are open until late in the afternoon and sometimes organise spontaneous concerts with street musicians.

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Lanzarote in a nutshell


The island is popularly known as "the island of volcanoes". Timanfaya National Park is one of the highlights of the archipelago. Lanzarote is so special that all of the island was declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco in 1993.

Watch an impressive cinematic film on YouTube starring our own (Very Important Cat) Romeo, and read more/watch more pictures on Lanzarote using the button below.

Artist and architect César Manrique played a key role in its history as, in the seventies, he managed to convince the government how to preserve the character of the island by avoiding high rise buildings and concentrating tourism in only three places.

Manrique also designed a number of stunning places to visit, thus spreading tourism and introducing the origin and unique nature of the island at the same time.

Lanzarote is the easternmost of the islands of the Canary archipelago and sits 140 km from the Northwest African coast, which implies the climate is subtropical and there is little rain. The beaches are great fur surfers and families alike.

Lanzarote is spectacular, unique, unspoilt

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Lanzastil, concept store in Lanzarote